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Terms & Conditions

Customers should be given this Safety Instruction Sheet when their bouncy castle hire is provided.


It is the customer's (hirer's) responsibility to ensure the following steps are taken. This will avoid personal injuries and prevent the inflatable from becoming damaged. Please ensure the following instructions are followed when using the bouncy castle.

  1. All children's inflatables have a strict age limit of 14 years old. Do not allow anyone older than this age to use the product.
  2. Shoes, jewellery and badges must be removed before people use the product. Spectacles should also be removed.
  3. Foods and drinks must not be taken on the inflatable.
  4. Smoking near the inflatable is forbidden.
  5. Party poppers, silly string, coloured streamers, face-paints and similar items must not be used near or on the inflatable. These can permanently stain the product.
  6. The unit must be monitored by a sober, responsible adult at all times.
  7. Children require strict supervision while on the inflatable.
  8. Users are forbidden from climbing the unit, hanging from it or climbing its walls.
  9. Users must not bounce on the front apron (step) of the unit. This can result in injury. The step is there to help people enter and exit the unit.
  10. Large children, small children and adults should not play on the inflatable at the same time.
  11. Prevent the unit from becoming too overcrowded. Limit the number of people using the inflatable depending on size and age. If people are colliding with each other, the product is overcrowded.
  12. Please switch the blower off if the unit is not in use for any part of the day.
  13. Do not allow people to use the inflatable during inflation or deflation.
  14. Do not allow people with neck or back problems or with a history of back or neck problems to use the inflatable.
  15. Switch the unit off in the event of heavy rain. Clean any bubbling or wetness with a dry towel. Prevent rainwater entering the blower and the inflatable by placing a small picnic table over the blower.
  16. The blower may have a safety reset button. If the blower loses power or overheats, switch the blower off at the mains. Wait one or two minutes, and then switch the blower on again. The blower should restart. If the blower fails to start, inform us IMMEDIATELY.
  17. Inform us IMMEDIATELY if there is a power cut.
  18. Keep the vent at the side of the blower clear at all times.
  19. Please contact us if you are unsure about anything.


All persons using this product do so at their own risk. The hirer will be responsible for any injury or damages as a result of or occurring from negligence, reckless use or misuse. The hirer will also be liable for the cost of any repairs or replacements.

It is the hirer's sole responsibility to ensure that the guidelines above are adhered to. CB Castles cannot accept any responsibility for any injuries caused to anyone using this product.