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CBCASTLES 1998 - 2017

Cbcastles was formed in 1998 and we have been operating for the past eighteen years. We started out with just two Bouncy castles and grew steadily over the following years . Over the following ten years we grew our business slowly so we could become experts in the industry and get to know everything there is to know about hiring out bouncy castles.

We aim to always be slightly different from other hirers in order to stand out and give the customer something that other hirers do not . As well as having one off castles that nobody else has , our Jewel in the crown is the policy of always contacting our customers if the weather is bad on the day of their hire and making sure they would still like to go ahead . Usually the customers will still hire but we are always met with thanks when we offer this option especially if small children are to use the castle.

The company have ran as many as forty castles but recently have downsized to give a more personal approach to our customers and give the quality service and time we believe you deserve.

Any hirer that uses one of our castles will come back and book again if they are happy with the quality of the unit and also the service they receive from our staff , and we believe that this is one of the main reasons we have been a success for so long.